One year after starting a Unified Special Olympics team, the Conway High School team marched to the AAA state title.

The Conway Unified team beat the Bryant Unified team, 39-24, to open Centennial Bank Championship Weekend at Hot Springs.

Not only was David Johnson named the team MVP for the tournament, but he was also named the MVP of the championship game.

"It was great on both sides," Conway special education teacher Cheryl Daniels said. "The general education kids were just as excited as the special education kids. A lot of them have never been in a spot like this before. It was really cool to see, especially because the general education kids made sure that every special education kid scored."

Daniels said the team had to substitute freelyto make sure the game wasn’t more out of reach.

"I have been teaching 33 years, and this ranks in my top five moments of my teaching career," Daniels said. "It was a very special day and I cried so much. Before the game, we had one of our special girls pray. Our team gathered around her and we all prayed, and then went out and played."

The team is made up of five special education kids and five general education students.

The five general education students are Caitlin Miller, McKenzie Hart, Caring Cats president and team captain Archie Jones, Eric Webster and Thomas Cloyd.

Maggie Schichtl and Sam Cloyd were the student coaches.