The Super Bowl game was better than the commercials.

Their were a couple of bright spots for "super ad Sunday."

But most ads were so-so at best, few will probably be memorable — some for the wrong reasons (the Fabree ad stunk and using a Martin Luther King speech to sell trucks was inappropriate. Also, too many promos for upcoming TV shows and movies, although I acknowledge that as plodding but necessary marketing. Several of the commercialsl represented worthy causes and that was fine. A recurring theme was the value of water.

But for those that didn't aim at a serious, I wanted a few more belly laughs.

For one of the few times, I wanted the commercials to end and get back to the game, which  resembled many college  college football games that have enthralled us the past couple of years. It was a pro game with a college flair.

That established, let's examine a few musings and quirks about the game, when the Eagles landed bigtime.

Best ad: Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr. and "Dirty Dancing," which actually was an NFL promo. It was the only way the Giants were gonna make Super Sunday this year. Peyton Manning as "Vacation Quarterback" was interesting and the Tide ads and the new Alexa voice prompted a chuckle or two.

Best play: The trick fourth-down play resulting in a touchdown pass to quarterback-turned=receiver Nick Foles will be replayed for years. Reminded me of the play that Boise State used to beat Oklahoma a few years ago.

Best illusion: Most of our thoughts about the Super Bowl were related to the image and mystique of Tom Brady, whse play camouflaged a bad defense.

The oddity: Nick Foles was the MVP and had one of the greatest postseasons runs in history but is not expected to be the Philadelphia starter this year.

The Super Bowl high school track: Austin Westlake High School has now produced two Super Bowl MVP's (Drew Brees and Foles) and another (Ravens' place-kicker Justin Tucker) also has a Super Bowl ring. University of Central Arkansas fans may remember that as the alma mater of former Sugar Bear star Courtney Duever.

Best observation: From Al Michaels — "It's tougher to get information from the New England Patriots than it was to get info from East Germany before the wall came down."

Postgame thoughts on social media considering the reputation of Eagle fans: "Goodbye Philadelphia." "Will Eagle fans do to Philadelphia what the British wanted to do during the American Revolution?" "Will there be more cracks in the Liberty Bell or will there even be a Liberty Bell."

Local perspective: The Eagle fans I know are good folks and I am happy for them as I was for Cubs fans for the World Series victory.

Best postgame listening: One friend on social media posted a link to the Philadelphia police scanner, which had 35,000 clicks within minutes. One snippet: "There are thousands of people headed our way. Can you handle it?"

Best free promo: The noise-cancelling pink headphones worn by Lily, the seven-month-old daughter of Nick Foles.

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