University of Central Arkansas coach Nathan Brown is pleased with how the template he laid out is reflected in his first recruiting class as head football coach.

"We've got size in the offensive and defensive linemen in this recruiting class," he said. "That was a particular push this year. We'll always be able to get skill people in our location. To win national championships, you've got to win the trenches. To do that, you have to have linemen who are big and physical."

Brown will announced the recruiting class and introduce his coaching staff at 4 p.m. Wednesday at UCA Downtown.

He expects to announce 21 new signees, 12 of whom signed during the new early signing day in December.

"We focused on linemen but we have recruits at about every position, including punter and deep snapper, where we have holes left by graduation," he said.

Since he was hired only a few days before the December signing date, Brown has been pleased with how it has come together with his new staff. That staff includes two coaches (Ken Collums and Brooks Hollingsworth) who have been head coaches. Hollingsworth has previously been recruiting coordinator at UCA, a post currently held by Gunnar Boykin.

"It certainly helps to have coaches who have been head coaches or coordinators," Brown said. "They know about the recruiting process and give me ideas of things that have worked for them. They also have different connections in different parts of the country with high school athletes and coaches. They bring a lot of different perspectives.

"What I like is as soon as they were hired, they hit things head on. They went at it with energy and enthusiasm and I think this will turn out to be a special class."