The weather forecast calls for more late fall than spring-like conditions when the University of Central Arkansas Bears close 15 days of spring football drills with Saturday's Purple-Gray scrimmage at Estes Stadium.

"I told our players to be prepared for weather like we might see in the playoffs," said first-year coach Nathan Brown.

The scrimmage will begin at 2 p.m. Admission is free.

Brown will use an offense vs. defense format with modified scoring. The offense will have traditional scoring. The defense will receive six points for a turnover and one point for a stop.

"We're going to keep it simple," Brown said. "Because of depth at a couple of positions, can can't field two full teams to go against each other."

The first half will be played in game-like conditions with 15-minute quarters. The second half will have a continuously running clock with 15-minute quarters.

"At practice 15, we're looking for efficiency," Brown said. "We don't want missed assignments and we want a lot of effort and to play fast. There will be a premium on execution.

"We have 80 percent of our offense and 90 percent of our defense in. By this time, there shouldn't be very many mistakes as far as knowing what to do with live bullets."

He said major position battles are taking place at cornerback, linebacker and the offensive line.

"We're young with a lot of talent," Brown said. "I couldn't be more pleased."