Presenting a fresh spring/winter batch of "David Citations" for the interesting, weird and just plain zany in sports:

Beach weather???: For the second year in a row, the University of Central Arkansas' Beach Bear Classic volleyball tournament was played on one of the coldest days of the spring. It's disconcerting for spectators to wear fleece and coats to watch beach volleyball.

A large footprint: Yale, which the University of Central Arkansas Sugar Bears played for the Women's Basketball Invitational  title, is in New Haven, Conn. On the 15-player Bulldog roster, none is from Connecticut. Players are from Kansas, Florida, Texas, California, Massachusetts, Washington state, Ohio, New York and Minnesota.

And the sports …: Yale plays all the traditional sports, but check out the other competitive sports offerings — sailing (women and coed), men's and women's ice hockey, men's and women's squash, men's and women's crew and fencing.

Shooting, dancing and prancing: Arike Ogunbowale, hit back-to-back buzzer Final Four shots to lead Notre Dame to the NCAA Women's championship, is one of the 2018 candidates on "Dancing With the Stars."

Hooked: At the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame Induction Banquet, Guy-Perkins coach John Hutchcraft and former Little Rock Hall coach Oliver Elders, who have about 3,000 victories between them, noted a common bond. "We both like White River catfish," said Hutchcraft.

Bucket list: Hutchcraft noted one state championship game in which his young daughter, Ashley, who was a manager at the time, knocked over the water bucket at halftime at Barton Coliseum. The game was delayed while the floor was cleaned up. Guy lost on a late comeback. A few years later, Ashley was a three-time MVP in leading the Lady Thunderbirds to three straight titles. After the last one, Hutchcraft said his daughter told him, "Dad, you blamed me for you losing one state title. I just got you three."

Jonesboro Lady Thunderbirds?: Hutchcraft remembers the time that before a state tournament championship, his Guy-Perkins girls team and its opponent  showed up to play, both wearing dark jerseys. Guy was supposed to be in white and faced a penalty for wearing the wrong jerseys.

Jonesboro, wearing white jerseys, had just played the game before. Hutchcraft rushed to the Jonesboro locker room and begged to borrow the uniforms the Hurricane just played in. "They were soaking wet but they were white," Hutchcraft joked. "We lost the game, but I like to tell people that Guy didn't lose; the Jonesboro Hurricanes did."

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