Arkansas Hearing and Audiology owner Dr. Courtney Matyja recently decided to venture on her own, and she is excited.

“I’ve been practicing in Conway for about 13 to 15 years,” she said. “I’ve been under the umbrella of other corporations and decided I needed to do it my way. That sounds really crazy, but I’m all about patient care.”

Matyja said she wants to make sure that patients are taken care of and feel comfortable.

“I want to make sure that every patient that walks through the door is treated like an individual and not just a line of someone else that has come through,” she said. “I want to make sure each patient gets an individualized plan based on their needs and what they expect and want. You can look around and see it looks more homey because I want patients to feel like they’ve walked into relaxed place and share with me what their needs are and for me to be able to fulfill those.”

While Matyja is licensed for any age, her office currently isn’t set up for every age.

"We can see children down to age three,” she said. “I’m not set up to see kiddos smaller than that. I can do them license-wise, but right now, we are set up to age three and above. I would say my oldest patient was 101, so if anyone can surpass that, I would be happy to because I can do all age ranges.”

Matyja also spoke about the different things she can do.

“We do full, complete audiology evaluations from just testing the ears, looking in the ears and I also clean the ears for any patients,” she said. “I’ve worked with the nursing home and any age range that needs any kind of service for their ears. I can’t do anything with arms and legs, but if it comes to ears, I can tell you all about it. We’ve completed this office about two weeks ago.”

Arkansas Hearing and Audiology is located at 2515 College Avenue in Conway.