Though this weekend wasn’t too kind to the Conway girls soccer team, Conway High School did have a lot to be excited about.

The inaugural Wampus Cat Sports Hall of Fame was inducted Thursday at the Conway High School cafeteria.

Twelve former Wampus Cat athletes were inducted and the Wampus Cats Sports Hall of Fame Board of Directors did a good job of selecting the inductees.

The twelve inductees are Marvin Delph, Henry Hawk, Tim Horton, Julie Jiskra Seymour, Gregory Lasker, Mike Neuhofel, Mike New, J.B. Pendergraft, Lawson Pilgrim, Ernest Ruple, Kenny Smith and Dandra Thomas.

Each of these inductees were pretty impactful for each of their sports and eras they attended Conway High School.

Some of these inductees went on to play professionally or at a higher level and coaching.

While I was born after these inductees were at Conway High School, it was nice to hear the stories these inductees told about their athletic backgrounds and how they got into sports.

As a Conway High School graduate and now, the sports editor of the Log Cabin, it was great to hear some of the history of some of the great graduates.

As the banquet was ongoing, I kept wondering who would later be inducted from my graduating class, if any.

I will be interested to continue learning more about the history of the athletes that are inducted in future classes as I’m sure Conway has plenty to choose from.

Elsewhere, on Friday, I had the opportunity to drive to Fayetteville to cover the Conway girls soccer game.

And, I must say that Fayetteville seemed like it treated the baseball, softball and soccer championship games well.

I can probably count on both hands the amount of times that I’ve been to Fayetteville since I moved to Conway in 2006 and each time, I enjoy visiting.

The energy around the University of Arkansas campus makes for a great atmosphere for football games and with state championship games on the line for these high school students, it was a great venue for these games.

As my wife and I drove in on Razorback Road, we saw the family, friends and supporters at Baum-Walker Stadium, then, we drove down by Razorback Field and Bogle Park as we saw the same kind of support in those stands.

As I was in the press box at Razorback Field, the scoreboard at Bogle Park was visible from my vantage point, so updates on how the softball game nextdoor were easy access.

Though on the hotter side of weather, it truly beat sitting in the stands at the Hendrix College soccer field on a cold, rainy day.

The fans of both Bryant and Conway made the atmosphere perfect as fans were on referees about calls, and cheering on their team.

I’m sure much of the same was occuring next door at Bogle Park and down the road at Baum-Walker Stadium.

Admittedly, I had wished baseball, soccer and softball were held at UCA for the sake of convenience, but the drive to Fayetteville was a fun one as we drove through the Northwest Arkansas hills with the trees at full foliage.

And, I do enjoy traveling to see new places.

As I’ve traveled, it’s fun to see the city open up as you get nearer to the city after seeing miles of nature.

Alas, the game was not a favorable outcome for Conway fans, but it was indeed entertaining, especially for someone like me that is not a huge fan of soccer.

I enjoyed covering Conway soccer during the state tournament and my only regret is I didn’t cover it more throughout the season, despite my busyness.

Either way, the Wampus Cat Sports Hall of Fame and the state championship game in Fayetteville made for a great weekend for this sports fan.