Near the start of baseball season, I wanted to check off some baseball movies that I have never seen before.

There is a decent list of favorite baseball movies that I haven’t seen like “The Natural” and “Major League” and to be honest, I didn’t get too far as I finally watched “Bull Durham” and “Field of Dreams.”

I will eventually get around to watching both “The Natural” and “Major League,” but after watching “Bull Durham” and “Field of Dreams,” my favorite baseball movie that I have seen is still “The Sandlot.”

I got “The Sandlot” on VHS as a gift for Christmas when I was a kid and immediately was enamored by it.

It seems that every summer that I got that movie, I have watched it at least once kind of like every football season, it seems like I watch “Remember the Titans.”

As a kid, I related to it quite a bit.

It’s a movie about kids playing baseball every day. I was a kid and I loved to play baseball.

While the movie has several scenes that are great, perhaps my favorite is the Fourth of July scene.

Ray Charles’ “America the Beautiful” sets the stage as Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez knocks on Scotty Smalls’ door.

Smalls tells his mom he’s going out and then the narrator starts by saying, “there is only one night game a year. On the Fourth of July the whole sky would brighten up with fireworks, giving us just enough light for a game. We played our best that night because I guess we all felt like we were big leaguers under the lights of some great stadium.”

The kids starts start their game as Kenny DeNunez throws his pitch to Rodriguez.

Rodriguez launches the ball and starts jogging the bases while the camera pans to each of the other kids staring in amazement of the fireworks.

The scene makes me wish I were there or somewhere playing a game of baseball underneath Fourth of July fireworks with my friends.

And thus, this scene has seemingly associated the Fourth of July with baseball.

The Fourth of July does remind of fireworks, getting together with family, barbecuing, ice cold lemonade.

But because baseball is labeled as an American Pastime and this scene, I relate the Fourth of July to baseball.

This scene has made me want to add an item to my bucket list and that is to indeed play baseball as fireworks light up the sky.

This particular Fourth of July scene is my favorite because of the joy these kids experience.

Charles’ “America the Beautiful” sets the tone and because of this scene, I have to also listen to this song every year.

I’ve seen several other baseball movies, but none captured my attention as “The Sandlot.”

There is something magical about “The Sandlot” that brings me back to those feelings of being on a baseball field and playing a game I love so dearly.