Recently released Arkansas Activities Association reclassification numbers indicate changes are afoot for 2022-24 cycle.

Missing from the reclassification numbers are the private schools as the released information states “non-public member schools will be added to the applicable classifications after the completion of each specific sport season and four year review of the competitive equity factor.”

The four-year review ends after the upcoming season, which indicates private schools will compete at their previous level for another year, so for example, Conway Christian – a private school – will continue competing at the 2A level for this upcoming season.

The release also states that conferences will not be determined until classifications are finalized.

But with that, each football classification will be represented among area schools as three area schools move up, assuming Conway Christian still competes at the 2A level after its four-year review is complete.

Conway remains at the Class 7A level and is fifth in enrollment with an average attendance of 2,226.67.

Greenbrier will make the move up from Class 5A to Class 6A and now ranks as the smallest 6A school with an average attendance of 821.

Vilonia stays at Class 5A and is the seventh largest 5A school with an average attendance of 751.

Mayflower made the move up to Class 4A from 3A and ranks 45 of 48 schools with an average attendance of 264.67.

Quitman is the third team making its move up as it will compete at the Class 3A level after competing at the Class 2A level.

Quitman ranks 44th out of 48 schools in the 3A with an average attendance of 164.67.

Alongside the question of what classification private schools will be competing at for the upcoming season, conferences are yet to be set in stone.

For other sports, Greenbrier, Mayflower and Quitman will continue competing in Class 5A, 3A and 2A, respectively.

In other sports, Mt. Vernon-Enola will also make the move up from Class 1A to Class 2 competition with 127 in average attendance.

That number ranks 50th out of 60 Class 2A schools.

Guy-Perkins remains in Class 1A with an average attendance of 74.

While conferences have not been settled just yet, there is some fun to be had in speculating which conferences schools will compete, especially as classifications gain new schools and lose schools.

Jonesboro is making the move up from Class 6A to 7A, while Pine Bluff will drop from 6A to 5A.

For private schools, it seems both Pulaski Academy and Little Rock Christian will join the 6A after this competitive cycle.

Little Rock Catholic could drop out of the 7A, and both the Fort Smith schools could once again be in the same conference.

Andy Robertson is the sports editor of the Log Cabin Democrat and can be reached at

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