The Stand in the Gap basketball clinic came to a conclusion Thursday.

The three-day camp focused on the fundamentals of basketball. The camp, which was hosted at Hendrix College’s Wellness and Athletic Center, had both boys and girls from all ages. Hendrix College’s community liaison David Bowser and Pleasant Branch’s Chris Hervey, who serves as co-director for the camp, came together last year and moved the camp from Pleasant Branch to Hendrix’s campus.

"David Bowser was very receptive of the idea of having us come over here for this clinic," Hervey said. "Last year, Cliff Garrison came over to talk to the youth, so they’ve been very hospitable. Hendrix has opened their doors up and allowed us to give back to the community."

There were many volunteers who came out to help with the camp and provide some helpful insight. 

"We had coaches from all over the community including T.J. Jones and coach Will Johnson, who helps with the Conway School District," Hervey said. "There are some other coaches that we play ball with that came out to help, but that’s what we had, those guys coming out to volunteer their time.’

The Stand in the Gap basketball clinic is one of the only camps of its kind that is free. Usually, that type of coaching and skills that are provided at the clinic start at various prices. 

"It’s really a blessing. I have to commend our church for allowing us to do it," Hervey said about putting on the free clinic. "We also gave out free T-shirts to the kids that do participate. It’s a fun thing for us and we enjoy coming out here, and it’s just a blessing."

The co-director of the clinic is Terrance Fuller. Fuller was an all-state football player at Conway before signing with Arkansas State in 1998. He said that being apart of a team taught him many lessons that he was able to use later in life. Fuller and the coaching staff tried to drive home other principles of sports during the camp. 

"The biggest thing that I learned from sports was discipline," said Fuller. "It also taught me concentration, which was something that they’re going to need out in the world. You have to stay motivated and you can’t wait on other people to motivate you. We also teach them teamwork because you’re always going to need somebody else’s help. You can’t do everything by yourself."