The Central Arkansas men’s soccer team fell in the ASUN final to Lipscomb 4-1 on Saturday night.

The match was much closer than the scoreline showed.

The Bears started strong from the first whistle forcing Lipscomb into fouling Karim Diao in the fifth minute, which earned a Bison defender a yellow card.

Ole Kjoerholt and Diao both had chances to open the scoring, but both missed their chances wide.

Lipscomb struck first despite the Bears having majority possession and opportunities when an awkward ball fell kindly to a Bison winger who played a cross on the counter-attack to a wide open forward.

Nearly a complete repeat of the first goal happened just minutes later as Lipscomb doubled its lead just before the halftime break.

Jonathan Randall and Katsuyoshi Kimishima both had shots on goal that were collected by the Bison goalkeeper.

In the 52nd minute Karim Diao was brought down inside the penalty area, Alberto Suarez stepped and smashed the penalty kick into the top right corner to cut the Bison lead to 2-1.

Jonathan Randall and Masood Porsa both had great chances to score but had their shots denied.

Lipscomb got its last two goals in quick succession with about 10 minutes remaining.

The Bears had to look for different ways to attack as Lipscomb then sat in.

Mathias Bendiksen had the final shot on goal of the game with a half-volley.

VolleyballCentral Arkansas finished the season on a high note as it accumulated 15 blocks and dominated its way to a 3-1 season finale.

Outside of set one, the Sugar Bears could do no wrong as they stepped up in a major way to give their seniors a proper goodbye.

With 15 blocks on the book, it was impossible to get past UCA and in a match won at the net, it was a celebrated end to the season.

The two seniors that passed through on senior day were Lexi Miller and Madi Bowles, and they both made a climactic ending.

Miller posted the most kills on the squad with 16, on a .367 hitting percentage, and added five blocks to her name.

Bowles also made her presence known on both fronts with seven kills, four blocks and 10 digs.

A few other notable players for the match were sophomore Macy Blackburn, who led the squad with nine blocks, Lily Taylor with eight kills and 10 digs, and Anna Williams with 40 assists.

Overall it was an incredible evening for the Sugar Bears as they beat North Alabama, 3-1.

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