SUWANEE, Ga. — Hendrix College junior swimmer Alex Koeppel has been selected the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Character and Since joining the Hendrix swim team his sophomore year, Koeppel has become a swimmer and a teammate with a strong sense of responsibility to the team. Often, Koeppel is the last person to leave a meet or practice, staying behind to work on computer problems, moving supplies, or doing anything else to benefit the team.

Born and reared in Dallas, Texas, Koeppel devoted his time towards various volunteer projects and grassroot organizations that benefited the community. He spent his summers volunteering fulltime at the local Habitat for Humanity as well as contributing any way he could to Save Darfur, One, or any of the dozen other campaigns and organizations in which he belonged.

A junior at Hendrix, Koeppel has been active in various tutoring program and this year, he’s an official tutor for the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

In the Conway community, Koppel has spent aturday afternoons volunteering at the local library’s book drive. Each break he’s been involved in some sort of service project in Dallas. Be it working for the North Texas Food Bank or various other organizations across the Metroplex, Koeppel always tries to stay active in helping others back home.

"By helping my friends, family, and community, I help to define who I am and strengthen my perceptions of myself and identity," said Koeppel. "For these reasons I find community and the service to it such important aspects of my life."