The trend in media is toward a 3D world.

This year, the Log Cabin’s preseason football package will enter a 3D phase, a venture not previously seen in this market and most others.

We will not publish a football tabloid this season. But I think what we will present will be even better and more comprehensive concerning local teams. It has been several months in the planning and creating, involving every facet and almost every individual in our operation at some point.

Even though we will not have a tab, we will have a print element and the first fruits of that will appear in Sunday’s newspaper. Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there will be a full page devoted to facts, short features, schedules and various nuts-and-bolts information about each of our six Faulkner County teams. Each team will have its own day of focus: Sunday (Conway), Tuesday (Conway Christian), Wednesday (Vilonia), Friday (Greenbrier), Saturday (Mayflower) and Sunday, Aug. 28 (the University of Central Arkansas).

This will look a little different from the presentations in our traditional tab and there will be a couple of new elements, but that’s the traditional element presented in a new way.

The next dimension is really exciting. For the past three weeks, Eric White (our newly hired videographer), Mark Burke and I have been scurrying about (and sweating in the process) to various practice sessions of every Faulkner County team to gather video footage and player interviews for the Log Cabin Democrat’s TV special.

Yes, television. We’re going on the air with an hour-long special on Faulkner County football that will be telecast on Conway cable next week (time to be announced).

In addition to writing stories and keying in schedules, we’ve been dealing with scripts, time charts and creating a small TV studio at our offices in order to handle on-camera interviews with every coach. Rick Fahr, our publisher, even got into the act as a facilitator and timekeeper.

We enlisted the help of Conway alderman Andy Hawkins, who has experience as a television sports anchor in both northwest Arkansas and Little Rock in another life, to conduct the interviews and host the show.

The raw material is pretty good. All the coaches were excellent in front of the camera, and I think there’s a fresh touch to information about every team. And I think you will find out at least one thing about the various coaches and teams you didn’t know. 

Combining what we’re offering in print with the TV special, I think you will find the most comprehensive, multi-faceted, and compelling information about Faulkner County football ever offered.

The third dimension?

The interviews with the coaches will be posted in streaming segments on our website,

So, within the next week, you will be able to get an abundance of preseason information about every county team in print, on the air and on the Internet. Take your pick. Enjoy any one or all of the 3D coverage.

And you won’t even need special glasses.

(Sports columnist David McCollum can be reached at 505-1235 or