Dr. Brad Teague, University of Central Arkansas athletic director, said he hopes to have a fulltime replacement for women's basketball coach Matt Daniel in the next few weeks.

Daniel, who put together three straight 20-win seasons as Sugar Bear coach, was introduced Tuesday as the new coach at Marshall University, a Conference USA institution in Huntington, W. Va.

"I hope to hire somebody very quickly," Teague saidt. "It's odd to be looking for a basketball coach right now, but the recruiting period in July is very important for women's basketball and I hope to have somebody in place  by then."

He said he would also consider anyone interested on the current staff.

He said Daniel told him his reasons for leaving UCA were less about salary (he made $100,000 per year plus incentives that put him at $125,000 the last two years) and more about professional advancement. Conference USA was 11th in RPI among women's basketball conferences last year; the Southland Conference was 25th.

"His goals are to be at the highest level of basketball and he feels this move gets him closer to his goals," Teague said. "Basketball conferences are perceived by many according to membership in FBS football conferences. Matt feels this is the next step necessary to reach his personal goals.

"He gave us four good years and put us right at the top of our conference. I'm going to move quickly to see that continues."