It was one of the most amazing feats of teamwork, execution and synchronization I’ve witnessed this football season.

It occurred on the sideline, play after play.

It happened on a sunny day in the shadows of bigtime college football.

And maybe it’s the sign of the times in the era of no-huddle offenses.

In its game against Hendrix, Berry College had three individuals stationed with boxes containing large cards, kind of like the large storage boxes people use for moving.

An assistant coach, with earphones, would man one box. Upon a quick signal he would hold up one card and the two managers (both female by the way) would quickly and in sync hold up the other two. That’s how the quarterback got the signal for the play, formation and whatever else was relevant, from the sideline.

And the trio moved up and down the sideline, staying in full view of the quarterback and offensive players. The execution was astounding.

What was interesting was what was on the cards. They were logos or icons.

One series of signs had Burger King, Publix, Jack In The Box and 7-11. And I don’t suspect that meant "I’m hungry, and I need to place a to-go order."

Other group of signs had a putter, boxing gloves, the ABC Sports logo and swimming goggles.

Another series had Home Depot, VISA, Ace Hardware and K-Mart.

There was another series involving a horse shoe and a mystical drawing with dice and another with farm animals.

Those of us in the press box never got the big picture or knew what was in the cards.

But it was a great diversion between plays to try to figure out the mystery of it all.

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