Athletic trainers and students from the University of Central Arkansas made an impact recently at the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Clinical Symposia in St. Louis.

The athletic trainers and students, who provide medical care to UCA, displayed the results of their research.

Dr. Steve Tucker, who is an assistant professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education, presented a mini-course entitled "Closing the Chain on Shoulder Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention". He also presented a research study entitled "A Comparison of Scapular Upward Rotation between Overhead Athletes, Non-Overhead Athletes and Non-Athletes." Co-authors were former undergraduate students Lyndsey Ingram, and Yuka Shimozawa.

Ingram also presented her research entitled "The Influence of Athletic Participation on the Degree of Change of Scapular Upward Rotation" Co-authors on the study were Shimozawa and Tucker.

Meghann Brewer, a 2012 graduate, was a finalist for an undergraduate research award at the Clinical Symposia. Her research was entitled "Bilateral Comparison of Shoulder Kinematics in Collegiate Volleyball Players" and was co-authored by Tucker.

David Strickland, head athletic trainer, was honored with an NATA Service Award at the Honors and Awards banquet. Lorna Strong, former UCA ATEP program director, was honored with an NATA Most Distinguished Athletic Training Award.

These athletic trainers and students not only provide medical care to the athletes at UCA, but they are providing new research and making an impact in the profession of athletic training at the national level.