Wynrick Smothers made the most of his first start at home, taking advantage of an overmatched opponent in the first half and propping his feet up on the sideline in the second.

Smothers, who has been knocked out of games for the past two seasons, finally got to start at home in Estes Stadium, and after a forgettable first series, he wasted no time putting the Bears far ahead of visiting Bacone.

The only question remaining was whether Smothers, who was responsible for 269 of UCA’s 323 first half yards, would play the entire first half. He did, spending most of the second quarter handing the ball off or making short, efficient passes. His rushing attempts were relegated to the first few drives, and he showed why he is one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the FCS.

Smothers scampered 44 yards for a touchdown on his first carry, and one series later, he busted through for another 31 yards. He finished with 83 yards on the ground, only carrying the ball six more times. The choice to keep him out of harm’s way is wise with FCS powerhouse Sam Houston State coming to town next week.

Smothers’ only mistake was an interception thrown into the end zone. It was a bad throw that would have meant more if it hadn’t come when UCA was already ahead by four touchdowns. Besides the interception, Smothers only missed receivers two more times, completing 84 percent of his passes for 179 yards.

Smothers has shown to be the true leader of the Bears so far this season, not backing down against Ole Miss and showing off at Murray State. Although he didn’t get to play more than two quarters in his home starting debut, this time he enjoyed his sideline experience.