Kristin Shock and Jenny Beth Davis could be mistaken for sisters.

The two blonde-haired all-conference and all-state softball players from Conway have been best friends for over 12 years. They do almost everything together, and once a person sees one of them, the other seems to be right around the corner.

"I say both of them are my daughters," Kristin's mother, Debbie Shock said. "They are like sisters. Even though they're going their separate ways in college, they'll continue to remain close. The funny thing is that I couldn't ever tell who was who on the field. I just know Kristin is a little taller. But, they've always had the same color hair."

Davis and Shock have plans of completing a lifelong dream of playing together at Lady Back Field on the campus of the University of Arkansas as both players were named to the East softball squad. Both will represent Conway during the Arkansas High School Coaches Association all-star game on June 24.

"We're tickled to death that they'll represent Conway," Conway softball coach Chad Longing said. "Obviously, I couldn't pick two kids that could have deserved it even more. Those two have paid their dues and they've worked extremely hard at an early age."

Shock and Davis started their young softball careers with Strike Force, coached by Brian Wahl, and then they moved to the Sugar Bears in the eighth grade, under coach Shane Lamb.

"Coach Brian taught us a bunch of stuff," Davis said. "That's were we learned the game when we played for Strike Force, and he continued to work with us. We used everything that he taught us through junior high and middle school. When we first started playing softball that's when Kristen and I became really good friends."

Davis said that having Kristin on the field was always a relief for her. Shock said the same thing about Davis. Although both have enjoyed playing on the same team down through the years, they'll only have one more time to enjoy it. Shock signed with Central Baptist College to play softball, while Davis is just focusing on academics at a university instead of pursuing a career of softball. So this is the last time that both of them will play together.

"She's like a sister," Shock said. "We've had fun playing on all of those teams together and we've had fun at Conway. I know that I can call her anytime and she feels the same way. We're definitely best friends."