Quarterback Tanner Stevenson and wide receiver Andrew Dather are a mutual admiration society.

With reason.

Stevenson, in his first year at quarterback for Conway Christian, passed for 2,700 yards with 904 of those going to Dather.

"You just have to put the ball up there, get him the ball," said Stevenson of Dather. "He will go up and get in. In the 7 on 7 season, there wasn’t a corner who was able to keep him from getting open. It was fun seeing him work."

"Tanner has come so far at quarterback," said Dather. "I think he will surprise some defenses this year because he is so much better at reading defenses. And he has speed on the corner when he runs the ball."

Stevenson began his CCS career as a linebacker.

"Last year was my first to quarterback and I had to learn a lot, " he said. "I feel I’m a lot better at reading defenses. Having the experience at quarterback and seeing different defenses makes them easlier to read.

"And having played defense, that has helped me know defenses and what to expect from them."

"I’ve always been able to jump and I like jumping," Dather said. "That’s why I like receiver so much. When the ball comes my way, I’m able to jump and get it.

"I think I’ve improved in running my routes and doing some things to get the backs off me."