College recruiters are noticing the athletic talent Conway High has on its football team.

Wide receiver Brandon Cox is an earlier commitment to Arkansas State and Brannon Kotch has commited to Ouachita Baptist University.

All coaches like to give their players college opportunities.

But getting from Point A to Point B in coaching 15- to 17-year-old athletes can be an adventure.

Take an episode, which we’ll label "Call Me Maybe," that CHS coach Clint Ashcraft related last week to the Conway Kiwanis Club.

The Conway coaches were out of town scouting Bryant, the Cats’ opening opponent in a scrimmage. They left their phones in their vehicles so as to not be distracted.

One of the Conway players called Ashcraft’s home that evening and his wife answered.

"I’ve got to talk to coach Ashcraft, it’s an emergency," the player said.

Ashcraft’s wife explained that he was out of town most of the evening.

"But I’ve got to talk to him tonight," he said.

Ashcraft’s wife said she would tell her husband to call him when he got home.

"You sure he will get the message? This is an emergency," said the player.

She assured him she would deliver the message, then asked, "What’s your number?"

"27," said the player.

And ...

Ashcraft remembered a challenging season when he took over the CHS program four years ago after the Cats had won two games the year before.

During one game, Rodney Matheney, the CHS principal at the time, spotted some of the Wampus Cat cheerleaders sitting in the stands in the third quarter.

He walked up to them and asked them if they didn’t think they needed to be on the sideline, cheering on the team while the game was going on.

"Mr. Matheney," said one of the cheerleaders. "We’re getting beat 35-0. We need to be playing."

Just can’t make that stuff up.

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