Conway’s Devin Dooley is a newcomer to the defensive starting lineup. Cody Rhodes is the new starting quarterback.

Both feel well-prepared.

“Last year, I really didn’t know how to play and cover and that you have to be physical on defense,” said Dooley. “Now I feel I’m ready.”

The cornerback thinks his greatest asset is speed.

“You’ve got to have speed,” he said, “especially at this position. I’m working on being more physical.”
Rhodes steps in at quarterback.

“I’m stepping into a big role, but it’s an opportunity to emerge as a leader,” he said.

His biggest asset?

“I think it’s reading defenses,” he said. “I’m not really speedy but I think and I can run a little bit, but the best thing I can do is I understand our offense and I can read defenses.”

He’s been working on improving the accuracy of his throws.

“I think we can have a great offense,” he said. “I think we have a lot of college prospects at wide receiver. They can jump and go up and get the ball.”