GREENBRIER — The Panthers may be more widely known for their offense, but don’t discount the guys on the other side of the ball.

Senior cornerback Reid Cone, who also plays receiver some, helps lead the defense. Much of that group, especially in the secondary, has quite a bit of experience.

That’s something Cone is looking to make the defense strong.

"The defense is really sharp," Cone said. "We’re really deep in the secondary. We should be able to be tough."

Seniors JoJo Oluokun and Jimbo Pitts, along with Cone, make the secondary be 3/4 seniors. Junior Justin Adlong should see time at cornerback opposite Cone.

The experience factor is one Cone, who had two interceptions and returned a fumble for a touchdown last season, said could go a long way.

"We may not be one of the fastest groups, but we’re a smart group," Cone said. "We have a lot of heart, and that makes up for what we lack in speed."

They get plenty of work in practice, though. Going against a potent offense everyday is another benefit Cone sees.

"It helps a lot," he said. "We get to face one of the best offenses in the state really helps us step up our game."

The benefit carries over into game situations as well.

"Knowing we have an offense that can capitalize really gives us a lot of confidence," Cone said.

Still, experience is the key to the whole group.

"The senior leadership is one of the greatest groups we’ve had, and I’m not just saying that because I’m in the group," Cone said. "We’re all real close and work really well together."