GREENBRIER ­— Seth Peters is excited about being on the opposite end of the passing tandem this season.

Last year, he caught 113 passers, mostly from record-setting quarterback Neal Burcham.

This year, the senior takes over for Burcham.

"It’s definitely a big responsibility and there are big shoes to fill, but I am confident," he said. "I know the system. We do a lot of stuff, but we’ve added some stuff but it’s similar."

Some of it fits Peters’ scrambling ability.

"I think I can add speed and mobility," he said. "Neal was pretty good in the open field and did some things out of the pocket. But we didn’t have a whole lot of plays that required him to run. I think I can make some plays with my running ability."

He said having experience at receiver will help him at quarterback.

"It’s helps in being able to recognize things," he said. "Having been a receiver, I think I can bring a new dynamic at quarterback."

"A lot of the stuff is the same but there are some things different on offense this year," said Jessie May, who will play both receiver and linebacker. "Seth has added mobility big time. He has great running instincts."

He said the defense should also have more mobility.

"It will be a lot different on defense," he said. "Depth will be a big factor for us."