The Faulkner County 4-H Shooting Sports Club earned several honors recently at the 2011 Arkansas 4-H Shooting Sports Range Events at the Arkansas 4-H Center in Ferndale. 

Twelve Faulkner County 4-H members competed in the event’s seven skills areas: .22 pistol, 22 rifle, air pistol, archery, muzzleloader, pellet rifle, and shotgun. The teams were coached by Mark Bickford, Jeff Jackson, Jeff Riddle, and Sherry Brewer.

Although competition is one of the driving forces behind the 4-H Shooting Sports Program, the main objectives of the Arkansas 4-H Shooting Sports Program are to provide positive youth development opportunities, nurture human growth and development, enhance participants’ self-concept and character through safe, educational, and socially acceptable involvement in shooting activities.

Enrollment for the 2012 4-H Program and the 4-H Shooting Sports Club will begin October 1.  For information on becoming a member of the 4-H Shooting Sports Club, monetary donations, or for information on the general Faulkner County 4-H Program, contact the Faulkner County Extension Office at (501) 329-8344 or e-mail The 4-H Program is open to all youth, ages 5-19.  

Faulkner County 4-H Range event scores were:  

4 of 122/Archery/Landon Riddle

5 of 129/Shotgun/Landon Riddle

8 of 129/Shotgun/Chase Tucker

9 of 106/Pellet Rifle/Andrew Hodge

9 of 106/Muzzleloader/Landon Riddle

12 of 126/Pellet Rifle/Landon Riddle

17 of 119/Pellet Pistol/Chase Tucker

23 of 100/Muzzleloader/Andrew Hodge

24 of 119/Pellet Pistol/Landon Riddle

32 of 122/Archery/Chase Tucker

45 of 100/Muzzleloader/Russell Jackson

50 of 126/Pellet Rifle//Chase Tucker


Members were Russell Jackson, Chase Tucker, Landon Riddle and Andrew Hodge.  Junior individual competitors were Lance Fason and Bailey Smith.

Top 10 junior team results are as follows: Team Overall: 7th of 20; Shotgun: 3rd out of 31; Muzzleloader: 5th of 23

Pellet Rifle: 5th of 30; Archery: 6th of 27; Pellet Pistol: 11th of 27; .22 Rifle: 9th of 32


Top 50 Senior individual range events results:

3 of 136/Archery/Seth Bickford

4 of 136/Archery/Blake Riddle

9 of 108/Muzzleloader/Blake Riddle

12 of 118/.22 Pistol/Seth Bickford 

13 of 130/Pellet Pistol/Seth Bickford

15 of 130/Pellet Pistol/Blake Riddle

16 of 136/Archery/Austin Brewer

21 of 99/Overall/Blake Riddle

26 of 118/.22 Pistol/Blake Riddle

34 of 145/Shotgun/Blake Riddle

37 of 99/Overall/Seth Bickford

40 of 145/Shotgun/Austin Brewer

42 of 124/Pellet Rifle/Blake Riddle

43 of 124/Pellet Rifle/Seth Bickford

48 of 118/.22 Pistol/Jansen Riddle

49 of 134/Pellet Rifle/Megan Brewer

Top 10 Senior Team results were: 10th of 25–Overall; 1st of 31 — Archery; 6th of 27 — .22 Pistol; 14th of 28 — Pellet Rifle; 16 of 30 — .22 Rifle; 16 of 24 — Muzzleloader; 17 of 33 — Shotgun.