The main directive for sports to happen across all levels has been the ability to follow protocols.

With reports coming out about Tennessee Titans players practicing at a high school while COVID spread through the team, you have to expect that some kind of punishment is coming for the Titans.

Reports indicate that the Titans could face significant punishment because of the neglect of the protocols.

The Titans were told they could not gather together for any in-person activity the day prior to the practice at the high school.

This has caused the Titans’ game against the Buffalo Bills to be moved from Sunday to Tuesday night and then the Titans’ game against the Kansas City Chiefs to be moved from Thursday night to Sunday.

Prior to those movements, the Titans’ game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was postponed.

While other teams have had positive COVID tests, it seems there hasn’t been an outbreak with a team until the Titans.

This isn’t the first time a professional sports team has had to postpone or move games around.

The Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals both faced team outbreaks with COVID, forcing each team to postpone games and play multiple seven-inning double headers.

Reports after the positive tests came out that both teams had members of their teams perform activities outside of the designated hotel.

For the Marlins, it was reported that a couple of guys went into Atlanta after a series against the Braves to meet with a former teammate.

For the Cardinals, some members of the team left the team hotel to go to a casino.

From there, COVID spread around the teams. The Marlins eventually had 19 members in the organization test positive, while the Cardinals had around 16 members of the organization test positive.

From the outside looking in, this is extremely frustrating to see that some teams are taking this seriously, while other teams blew it off.

I am in the camp of these guys are at peak health and COVID will likely have little effect on them, but they have to be smarter than go out and do things outside of team hotels or protocols.

These guys have put other players as well as their season’s in jeopardy.

We’re lucky we had an MLB season at all because these two instances with the Marlins and Cardinals put the season in jeopardy.

These positive tests with the Titans haven’t put the season in jeopardy, but it has caused a lot of movement in the schedule.

Now, I know games will be canceled. It is unreasonable to think games won’t.

At the high school level, we’re seeing games canceled every week.

It’s bound to happen because even though there is a lot we know about this virus, there is likely still a lot more that we don’t know.

I don’t yet know what the Titans’ punishment is, but I’m surprised the NFL hasn’t forced them to forfeit games because of this.

I have been in favor of teams forcing to forfeit games because of blatant disregard for protocols.

To be clear, I’m not in my house constantly hiding during this time.

My wife and I go out when we need to and get outdoors to get fresh air, but we are smart about it and do wear masks because I don’t want to have a chance to pass this onto my dad who has cancer as well as the chance to pass it on to my pregnant wife.

I’m also speaking from the perspective of someone that had to sit home for four months because COVID hit the sports world.

I just think that these teams have to be smarter about what they do in order to stop the spread among teams.

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