The St. Joseph senior teams and junior boys traveled Friday to White County Friday to take on the Bears of White County Central in conference games.

The Bulldogs had some glorious things occur to them at White County Central about 10 years ago as they were in their championship or near championship runs in 2009 and 2010.

However, Friday it seemed more like a bear den or somewhere in the Twilight Zone.

To make matters worse, there is some Bulldog trivia.

It was 25 years ago Friday...exactly one quarter of a century...that the Bulldogs played at the old Guy gym and the senior teams lost rather badly.

The junior boys started the evening.

They got off to a shaky start, and fell behind early.

They came back to tie the score at 7-7 by the end of the first quarter.

The junior boys then took a 10-7 lead early in the second quarter only to see the Bears come back to tie it at 10-10.

The junior boys then stiffened their defense. They did pretty well offensively too as they scored six straight points to end the first half.

They had a 9-3 scoring edge for the second quarter and led 16-10 at halftime.

The junior boys extended their run to 13 straight points to start the third quarter, and had a 23-10 lead. The Bears made a 3-pointer to break the run.

That was all they got in the third quarter.

The Bulldogs ended up with 11 points in the third quarter, and they led 27-13 at the end of the third quarter.

A key White County Central player fouled out with 5:18 left in the game.

The junior boys continued to roll and outscored the Bears 7-3 in the fourth quarter to end up with a 34-16 win.

White County Central scored three points in each of the last three quarters, six for the second half, and 16 for the game.

Jake Hill and Logan Bruich each had nine points to lead the junior boys. Ethan Hambuchen had seven points.

The senior girls followed.

White County Central had only six girls on their team, so both teams were in the same boat, with five starters and only one reserve.

The girls did not start well. They did not play defense well. Lilly Hill was able to score some points early, but nobody else could.

Savannah Mooney was off with her long-range shooting.

Elizabeth Chandler picked up two quick fouls, which hurt things for St. Joseph.

Later in the first quarter, Hill got her second foul and came out.

The girls lost what momentum they might have had.

The Bears ran out to an 18-10 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Hill had 8 of the 10 points and Briggler had the other two.

The girls could not do much in the second quarter with Hill on the bench.

They did make a little run early as Savannah Mooney made a 3-pointer.

They were able to draw closer, but then the Bears got on a roll.

They outplayed the Bulldogs, as the girls played poor defense.

Part of that may have been to avoid foul trouble.

Hill came back in later in the period, and the girls got their offense going and got back into the game.

It looked as though they would have a chance.

The girls ended up with a 17-11 scoring edge for the second quarter and were behind by 29-27 at halftime.

Things deteriorated in the third quarter.

Just 36 seconds into the third quarter, Hill got on the brink with fouls as she got her fourth foul. She came out of the game. The girls fell apart after that.

They could do little offensively, while White County Central almost did what they wanted to. Things got worse with 1:10 left in the third quarter when Mooney got on the brink with fouls.

The Bears also had a girl on the brink by this point.

Due to the foul problems, the girls had to be careful playing defense.

White County Central ended up with a 16-5 scoring edge for the third quarter, They had opened up a 43-32 lead by the end of the third quarter.

The girls started the fourth quarter with Mooney and Hill both in the game and playing on the brink with fouls.

Chandler quickly joined them on the brink as she got her fourth foul.

If any two girls fouled out, the girls would have to play short-handed.

The Bears had two girls on the brink by this time as well, so they could be in danger of having to play short-handed.

Briggler and Maggie Mooney had three fouls.

The girls were in a situation that if they were a few points down going into the final moments, they could not foul to try to get the ball back because they could not afford to give any more fouls.

They really got lax on defense because of the foul trouble.

Maggie Mooney eventually got her fourth foul, so the Bulldogs now had four of their six players on the brink.

Hill then got called for an offensive foul, and that was all for her.

She had provided most of the scoring for the girls.

The game rambled on, then with 3:07 left, the unimaginable happened as Chandler got her fifth foul.

That meant that St. Joseph had four players left, and the Bears would have a five on four power play.

The Bulldogs held their own despite being a player short.

But they could not do much on defense, and the Bears piled on the points.

Then with 1:10 remaining, Savannah Mooney fouled out.

This now meant the Bulldogs were at a five to three disadvantage in players on the floor.

The girls finished the game with Emily Briggler, Maggie Mooney and Ashleigh Mallett on the floor.

White County Central had a 22-12 scoring edge for the fourth quarter and the final score was 67-44 in favor of the Bears.

The clock ran continuously after Savannah Mooney fouled out, even though the scoring margin was not up to the mercy rule level.

The senior girls have lost four out of five in 2020 so far, and the one win was a non-conference game.

The girls have fallen to 3-5 in conference play, and they are now 11-9 on the season.

Hill was the leading scorer with 18 points, while Briggler came on strong in the second half and had 13 points.

Her offense late probably kept the score from really getting out of hand.

Maggie Mooney had seven points, most of those late in the game and Savannah Mooney had six points.

After she made her 3-pointer, White County Central had a girl practically covering Savannah Mooney like a blanket so she would not be able to get any good scoring opportunities.

Chandler and Mallett did not score.

The senior boys then came out.

The game started out like it would be competitive, but there was not much offense in the early minutes.

Finally, the Bears scored the first basket on a 3-pointer.

Ryan Davis then made a basket a little later to make it 3-2. The boys went cold after this.

They could not make any shots from anywhere, and some of their shots were not close.

Luke Briggler made a free throw to give the Bulldogs their third point, and that ended up being all they would get in the first quarter.

The boys played pretty good defense, but they were being called for fouls whenever they got in the way of a White County Central player.

The first quarter ended 12-3 in favor of the Bears.

The boys did a little better in the second quarter as Luke Pope got in there and did some scoring.

However, nobody else could do anything.

There were many bad shots at the basket.

The boys did play good defense in the second quarter, and the Bears played badly themselves.

The Bulldogs ended up with a 9-4 scoring edge for the second quarter, and they were behind 16-12 at halftime.

It was a low-scoring game, but the boys looked like they still had a good chance.

It appeared that the boys did not come back out for the second half.

They were on the floor physically, but the way things went, it looked like all they did was to appear physically.

They could do nothing offensively. They could not make any shots. They missed layups, jumpers, mid range shots, longer shots, they could not do anything. They did just OK on defense.

The Bears could not do an awful lot offensively either, and they did not play that great.

However, they did get to shoot free throws.

The Bulldogs did not shoot any free throws the entire second half.

They had four free throws in the first half, and made two of them.

It was looking like the Bulldogs would get shut out in the third quarter.

White County Central got deliberate, and played keep away a lot during the third quarter.

Finally, John McKenna made a basket in the last seconds of the third quarter to keep the boys from being shut out.

It also broke a run of 14 straight points for White County Central that included their last point of the first half, and all 13 points they scored in the third quarter.

The 13-2 scoring edge for the Bears in the third quarter gave them a 29-14 lead at the end of the third quarter.

The boy's offensive futility continued in the fourth quarter.

They could not get any good shots off, and could not make anything.

White County Central played deliberately, and tried to run the clock down.

Even though the Bulldogs had a lot of fouls called against them, only two players were in foul trouble, unlike the girls, so there was no danger of having to play short-handed.

However, the Bears monopolized the free throw shooting.

They stretched the lead out as the fourth quarter moved along.

Finally, with about two minutes left, St. Joseph coach Brent Bruich brought the reserves into the game, although Luke Briggler remained from the regulars.

The reserves could do nothing while they were in there either.

White County Central ended up monopolizing the scoring in the fourth quarter, as they had a 10-0 scoring edge.

The final score was 39-14 in favor of the Bears.

The Bulldogs scored two points in the entire second half, which came right before the end of the third quarter.

The boys scored nine of their 14 points, 64.3% of the total, in the second quarter.

Luke Pope was the leading scorer with eight points.

John McKenna had three points, Ryan Davis had two points and Luke Briggler had the other point.

The senior boys are still 5-3 in the conference and 13-7 for the season.

Then on Tuesday, the junior girls and senior teams will play again at the Family Activities Center as they take on Nemo Vista.

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