American Home Pharmacy and pharmacist Josh Langston has been providing Clinton and the surrounding area pharmaceutical services with a personal touch since 2014. The pharmacy itself has been part of the Goode’s Cash Saver Shopping Center since shortly after its construction in 1981. The first pharmacy to be located in the shopping center was opened by Gary Reed before he broke away from Bakers to start an independent pharmacy. When the original pharmacy was opened the shopping center was known for housing Thriftway and Gibson’s but as the name of the shopping center has changed over the years so has American Home Pharmacy and it is easy to see the improvements they have made.

Josh, primary pharmacist, began with American Home Pharmacy in June of 2014. He is originally from Bigelow and is a graduate of UAMS College of Pharmacy. It was at his time at UAMS that he met his wife Mandy who also holds a degree in pharmaceutical medicine and practices at Stone County Medical Center. Together they have two children and reside in the area. When asked what he does in his free time Josh referred back to his family and how much he enjoys raising his family in the Ozarks.

Josh and part time pharmacist Annice Craig are joined by a strong team to provide service that goes above and beyond. American Home Pharmacy prides itself on the consultant work it does with its clients. Barbara Nettles fills this position at our local location and spends her days speaking with patients to insure that they are receiving the proper medicine and that their prescriptions are refilled on schedule. Barbara works with doctors, caregivers, family members and clinics to not only ensure your prescriptions are filled properly but also to build a relationship to better severe her clients. Through the implementation of their multi dose packaging American Home Pharmacy has been able to help their customers better manage their medicine in a simple process. The blister packaging provided by American Home Pharmacy is a system that helps ensure proper dosage and usage of medicine by prepackaging their daily dosages into individual marked compartments.

American Home Pharmacy offers services in retail pharmacy, immunizations, medicine syncing (scheduling prescriptions where they are all filled at the same time of the month), medication management, in-town delivery service, mail service, and compounding the practice of topical pain cram made with prescription drug ingredients can be an alternative to prescription pain medicine.

You can reach the pharmacy at 501-745-4266 and they are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Stop in and let Annice, Melanie, Michelle, Donna, Rhonda, or Megan help you through the prescription process.

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