CLINTON — A series of events led to, in turn, a series of charges against a pair who had been burglarizing in and around Clinton, according to Clinton Police reports. The man and woman are suspected of being responsible for several thousands dollars in property being stolen.

Names in the reports is Christopher Sallings, 34, of Clinton, and Kayla Lynn Moss, 27 also of Clinton. Moss had been identified as Kayla Lynn Bigelow in the initial report naming the pair. Additional charges are expected against the pair, a Clinton Police spokesperson said.

The initial police report began with a woman coming to Clinton Police Dec. 8 to report her daughter’s house in Clinton had been burglarized. Her daughter was living out of town with her, the woman told police, but they had found her house broken into with several items missing, including a flat screen television, tools, and miscellaneous household goods.

Her daughter suspected Sallings and Bigelow (Moss) had stolen the items from the home, the woman told police. Officers tried to contact the pair but were unable to do so.

On Dec. 15, however, Bigelow (Moss) came into the police department and asked for a ride to see her probation officer in Mountain View, the report stated. The officer she spoke with said he was not able to provide a ride, but did want to speak with her “about an incident that had happened,” per the report.

The officer then interviewed Bigelow (Moss) and was told by her that she had not stolen any of the items from the property, and named a man and woman she thought had done so.

On Dec. 15 the officer was able to speak with the man named by Bigelow (Moss) and was told he had not stolen any of the times, but if the officer wanted to find the items he could look in a room Sallings and Bigelow shared in the Hometown Inn. The investigating officer went to the room, knocked and was greeted by Bigelow and Sallings. Sallings began apologizing for lying to the officer about the other pair she named, but “… it was close to Christmas and she didn’t want her boyfriend to go to jail.”

Officers found a flat screen television and tools in the room. The pair were taken to the police station for questioning.

At the station, Sallings said he took the television in a deal with the homeowners boyfriend, trading the television “… for an eight-ball of methamphetamine,” per the report. Bigelow had nothing to do with the television, Sallings told police.

In a second incident, Sallings and Moss were brought to police attention after items were found missing in and around Hometown Inn in a Dec. 24 report. By now the pair had moved to a different room at the Inn.

Officers searched the area in and around the business and found a tote and a bag outside the hotel, behind the room (now named in the report as) Moss and Sallings shared. Officers inspected the bag and found it had a “flight tag” on it, with the name of a nearby businessman, per the report.

The businessman was contacted, and the tote was the same as what he had stored in a nearby building.

The motel owner asked police to do a civil standby as Moss and Sallings were evicted from their room due to back rent. (This was not the same room as the earlier report.) As this was underway, they found the lock to the room had been changed and the motel master key no longer worked. A sledge hammer was used to gain entry and begin the eviction process.

As officers cleared the room they found a tote similar to the one found outside. The businessman was contacted and identified articles in the room that were his including hunting equipment which included ammunition. Estimated value of the items identified in the room were $3,000 to $4,000.

The pair have not yet been jailed, but further charges, for commercial burglary, are expected shortly. Jail admissions are being restricted due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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