Cannaday Abstract & Title

Cannaday Abstract & Title Company is your locally owned title and abstract company and has been closing deals since 1951. Beatrice Cannaday founded Cannaday Abstract and they were originally located in the old Clinton State Bank building at 264 Main St. Mrs. Cannaday known to most as B had planned to open her title company with her husband at the time but he unexpectedly passed before he could see their vision come to fruition. B would carry on with their plans and opened Cannaday Abstract & Title Company in 1951. With her experience as the Van Buren County Clerk B built a thriving business and passed that business down to her daughter, Jeanette, and son-in-law David Ray in 1963. After the sale of the business she had built form the ground up B used her free time to start her own real estate company. David Ray Tomlinson operated Cannady Abstract from 1963 well into the 2000s when it was passed down to Robbia Mays. Robbia is the third generation to operate Cannaday Abstract & Title Co. and with her daughter, Jenny, currently helping, Cannaday Abstract will remain a cornerstone business in Clinton for years to come.

Through years of business Cannaday Abstract has seen our city through many highs and lows and has been there to support us through it all. They have been located down town on the square for the life of the company and prior to the dredging of the Archey Fork and Little Red River flooding was an all too common issue. Previous to the flood of 1982 the flood waters would not get above three feet in their business then located on the east side of the square. But the flood of 82 would prove to be a different kind of flood as everyone who was around can remember. Like all the other business downtown they did not know what was to come as the waters refused to crest and kept rising until it reached the ceiling. The flood of 82 was a bump in the road to say but the family business would go on. They were able to recover the track books and micro film and after the flood water passed and cleanup was complete it was back to business as normal and back to supporting Clinton.

In 70 years of business Cannaday Abstract & Title Company has seen a number of different title companies open and close but as of today they are the only Title Company with a daily presence still providing great friendly service to the residents of Van Buren County. Cannaday Abstract provides services in real-estate closings; title searches, title insurance, and has a number of notaries. With an experienced staff Robbia and her crew make it their goal to give every customer quality and speedy service to make their real-estate transactions go as smoothly as possible. Cannaday Abstract & Title Company is still located on the square in historic downtown Clinton and shall be for years to come.

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