Conway Counseling and Wellness

Conway Counseling & Wellness Center has been providing excellent service to their clients out of their Clinton office located at 224 Shakerag Road for the better part of half a decade. Conway Counseling strives to provide the best service and care and this can be easily seen with the individual care they show each client.

Conway Counseling & Wellness Center is comprised of seasoned therapists and staff who have years of experience in agency work and community mental health. Their desire is to provide a different type of service where a nurturing, supportive environment can not only be found for their clients but for their therapists and staff as well.

Their team strives to achieve excellence in every aspect of helping you achieve your goals and live better. Conway Counseling is a group of independent professionals, certified and trained with at least a masters’ degrees with additional certifications, ready to help you get through tough times and improve the quality of your life. They help clients who are experiencing anxiety, depression, addictions, chronic pain, marital problems, sexuality issues and trauma who seek help in a private, safe environment. Their private practice is unique in the mental health setting for Central Arkansas because in conjunction to counseling services, They also have wellness staff ready to help our clients achieve better mental and physical health.

Conway Counseling & Wellness Center offers a wide range of counseling services to help their clients live better. Their holistic approach to mental health treatment focuses on developing an individualized plan of counseling services that incorporates both physical and mental health.

The philosophy at Conway Counseling & Wellness focuses on whole body and mind health. Physical and mental health are linked together – when you take better care of your physical wellbeing, it can have a positive effect on your mental wellbeing. Their wellness services are designed to help improve mental wellbeing through physical therapies, including yoga therapy and massage therapy. They also help clients with chronic pain and its effects on physical and mental wellbeing with wellness services.

In an effort to better serve their clients Conway Counseling provides psychological testing and assessments. This allows them to better understand you as a patient providing them with the information to better assess your mental health, craft treatment options, and guides them on how to improve the quality of life with counseling and wellness services. Psychological testing and assessment serve to help understand how a person’s mind works to better appreciate their psychological strengths and determine an approach for psychological needs.

They offer testing and assessment for a number of psychological conditions, including memory problems, dementia or other medical conditions, pre- and post-surgery assessments, bariatric assessments and other psychological assessments. They also offer assessments for ADHD to determine if a clinical diagnosis is needed, IQ assessments, and personality assessments.

Conway Counseling & Wellness Center offers wellness services that can be included as part of counseling and therapy services, often covered by select healthcare insurance plans. We currently offer yoga and massage as part of our wellness services to help our clients live better lives. Wellness care may be covered by your health insurance, be sure to contact your insurance carrier for full coverage details.

I believe you can learn a lot about an organization from their mission statement. “Mental health is part of general health that touches every aspect of your life. We believe everyone has the right to an enjoyable, healthy life and we want to help you get there. We focus on holistic mental health that incorporates counseling with physical wellness. No matter where you are in life, we are ready to help you” but one would have to say Conway Counseling and Wellness Center’s mission statement says almost as much about their founder Ayisha Canant as it does about her organization. Ayisha began in May of 2000 practicing with a master’s degree in counseling psychology. While practicing she continued with her education and graduated in 2014 with a doctorate in psychology. Her work history includes the following areas: adjunct teaching, research, trainings (anger management, parenting, mental health awareness, substance abuse, suicide, marital) supervision, administration, consulting, has worked with foster care and court, and private practice and agency therapy with many populations and settings.

Her list of credentials and experience would provide creditability for any potential client but it was when she shared “Sometimes people assume licensed mental health professionals live perfect lives. Not True! I, like many other mental health professionals, have struggled with issues at different times in life. After receiving my doctorate, I wanted to open a practice that would provide the type of services to our community that I would want myself or for my own family. In this practice I want all clients to feel welcomed and respected in an environment of compassion.” That I could see that Conway Counseling & Wellness Center is not just a business or a clinic it is a way of life.

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