The Donut Palace located at 1863 Highway 65 S in Clinton is so much more than just your go to place for freshly baked donuts. Speaking with Mai Chhor the owner and the face for the donut Palace one will quickly learn that there is so much more than the name would leave you to believe and that all their dishes are prepared with the goal of winning their customers over one plate at a time.

Mai, originally from California, spent her youth in Los Angeles and would stay there until she moved to Denver at the age of 18. In Denver Mai was operation manager for the Smoke & Bear Bar & Grill where she oversaw multiple locations. While her lucrative position helped send Mai on a lifelong path of providing quality delicious meals with top notch service Mai found herself looking to reduce the demand of time on her life. Looking for a change Mai would leave Smoke & Bear and open her own restaurant in Denver called Bite of Fusion. Bite of Fusion specialized in Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Thai further developing Mai’s culinary skills. It was there that Mai truly got to control her product and developed the model of offering superior meals at a fair price with great service.

The Donut Palace by name would lead on to believe that they only specialize in donuts. This could be further from reality. While they do provide an amazing variety of freshly baked donuts they also provide a full breakfast menu including breakfast burritos, biscuits, and croissants, biscuits and gravy, sausage rolls and a wide variety of beverages including Thai coffee. It is this full menu and the convenience of dine in or drive through that is making the Donut Palace a must visit. But as they say on TV, but wait there’s more. The donut Palace is also your lunch destination with a menu feathering oriental cuisine and a wide variety of wings. They offer Orange or Sesame Chicken served with Fried Rice and Steamed Broccoli and their wings come in Spicy or Honey BBQ, Sweet & Spicy, Thai Crispy, or Sesame flavors. Mai ask that you call your lunch order in at 501-745-6991 30 minutes ahead of desired pick up time to allow them to cook to order, insuring your dish is fresh. You are still welcome to enjoy your lunch in the dining room or you can conveniently pick it up at the drive through window. If you haven’t yet one should check this place out because it is so much more than just a donut store.

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