Hamilton Aggregates

Hamilton Aggregates was founded in 2006 by Edward and Genia Hamilton; and would establish and managing the only family owned quarry in Conway County, Arkansas by 2007. Within a short seven year period the Hamilton’s would expand from a single quarry in Clinton to three operational quarries across North Central Arkansas. This expansion was not by mistake. Edward had developed a 20 year plan from the outset, which included the acquisition of more equipment to supply the varying and growing demand. In addition to recycling concrete and crushing aggregates at three separate quarries across North Central Arkansas Hamilton also has a portable plant and can provide custom crushing of specific material on site.

The creation of aggregates is a lengthy process that begins when the rock is fractured by drilling and blasting. Once blasted it is loaded into haul trucks that transports the material to the processing operation. Processing operations include crushing, screening, material handling and storage operations. Quarried stone is delivered to the processing plant by truck and is dumped into a vibrating hopper feeder. The feeder separates large boulders from finer rocks that do not require primary crushing, this reducing the load to the primary crusher. The crusher product is discharged onto a belt conveyor and conveyed to an inclined vibrating screed called a scalping screen. This unit separates over sized rock form the smaller stone. The undersized material from the processing screen is considered to be a product stream and is transported to a storage pile. The stone that is too large to pass through the top deck of the scalping screen is processed in the secondary crusher. The output from the secondary crusher and the troughs are transported by conveyor to a sizing screen. Various product streams with different size gradations and are separated in the screening operation. At this point the products are transported to the finished products area.

Hamilton Aggregates throughout the years has been working hard to improve their business but they have also taken the time to help you improve your business by providing key services to better suit your needs. Hamilton can recycle your construction aggregate into crushed material onsite reducing transportation cost and providing product useful for future jobs. Their portability will lower your truck hauling expense, eliminate waste fees, limit material cost, and decrease environmental impact. With their years of experience and knowledgeable staff Hamilton can produce a product that is customized for your job. Portability has been a major part of the success of Hamilton Aggregates and with over 35 years of experience in customer service, crushing, site prep/design, consulting, recycling asphalt and concrete they not only have the equipment to complete the job but the experience to make the process run smoothly.

Hamilton Aggregates has four operating quarries. The Austin Bonds Quarry is located at 637 Austin Road, Clinton and you can reach that quarry at 501-893-6181. Their Hattieville Quarry is located at 372 Hwy 213, Hattieville and can be reached at 501-354-4415 with the remaining two quarries 159 Mathews Road, Higden 501-825-6311 and the Pryor Mtn. Quarry at 4849 Edgemont Road, Quitman 501-825-8220.

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