Huddle house of Clinton has been providing excellent services and an extensive menu at an affordable price for the past 24 years. Established in January of 1997 by John and Sonny Hargis the Huddle House prides itself on not only providing great service but they take it a step further by creating relationships with their customers.

John originally from Morrilton had to move over 330 miles away to eventually find his home a short 41 miles away from where he grew up. After high school John attended UCA where he would graduate and begin his professional carrier at Union National Bank in public relations. It was while living in Little Rock he met his partner in life Sunny Simpson, a Clinton native, as they both lived in the same building complex. The two would date for a couple of years before marring and it was during this time period that John transitioned from banking to sales for General Foods in their Maxwell House Coffee Division. While his new career began in Little Rock he soon found himself working out of the Jackson Mississippi office and making a good life for his new family. It was during their time in Jackson Mississippi that they were presented with a life decision to continue on their path of moving around the country for General Foods or to come back to Clinton to help Sunny’s mother run Simpson’s Clothing Store.

When presented with the decision to continue with General Foods or return to Sunny’s childhood home John says the decision was easy to move back home. A major factor that led them to Clinton was the local school system and their desire to raise their children in Clinton. So in 1973 John and Sunny moved to Clinton and helped Sunny’s mom run Simpson’s Clothing Store. Simpson’s was located in the Stone Vision Building downtown with a second location in Mountain View. The Simpsons had started the store shortly after the Second World War and grew it into one of the local establishments on the downtown square.

John and Sunny have spent the past over 45 years back in Clinton and through that time they have tried to give as much back to the community as they could. While over the years they have found themselves preferring to relax a little more and find chasing after grandkids can be a full time job they have still found the time to give back. John and Sunny have served on local volunteer boards for as long as most can remember and don’t look to be slowing down. While their volunteer positions show their willingness to give back to the community their economic impact to our community is just as impressive with their 19 employees and the $450,000 they feed back into the local economy through payroll. With industry not as abundant as it has been in the past in our community Huddle House is providing an opportunity for 19 families to live a better life.

Huddle House is more than a restaurant to a large portion of their clientele and while talking to John he explained that the secret to his success is his employees. With two employees being with him for 22 years and a large portion of his employees being there over a decade it has allowed the Huddle House to not only attract return clients but to take it a step further into developing relationships with his clients. John runs a clean business with a wide variety of items to choose from on the menu. It is this service, menu items at an economically friendly price that has made the Huddle House a must stop for locals and travelers alike.

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