Scarberry Insurance has Susan Scarberry leading the way in providing a hands on approach to navigating the health insurance market. With over 30 years experience and being your home town agent since 1989 Susan brings an abundance of experience stretching over a time period when we have seen the health insurance market place take on many faces.

It is this dedication to the profession that allows Susan to advise and find the best policy for every client whether that policy is one she can provide or a policy that she advises on but in the end gains no business of benefit from.

Providing someone with a health insurance policy does not sound that exciting to most but when asked; Mrs. Scarberry expressed one of her favorite things about her job is the days when she gets the chance to change someone’s life by providing the tools needed for them become covered and start on a path to a healthier future.

Susan originally from Mountain View began her career with Blue Cross where she would spend eight years learning the in and outs of the health care market.

In 1988 with her son reaching school age the decision was made to come home. Susan spent the next year working out of her home when in 1989 she opened a small office adjacent to Eoff’s Feed Store. This move was made for the good of her family but in return Clinton and the surrounding area might have benefited more from Susan making her skill set available in a small market where it would typically only be found in a much larger city.

Scarberry Insurance offers health, life, vision, disability, and dental insurance. They are located at 272 Main Street Downtown Clinton and are always happy to help.

You can learn more about them at www.clinton or call and set up an appointment at 501-745-4415.

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