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The office sign, on Highway 65

Shelter Insurance has been serving Clinton and the surrounding area for over thirty years under Jim Gilliam and decades before under AC Caldwell. Mr. Gilliam took over for Mr. Caldwell in 1987 when the insurance office was still located downtown in the corner building currently occupied by Main Street Florist. Mr. Gilliam would continue running his Shelter office downtown until 1995 when he built his current location at 1683 Highway 65.

When Mr. Gilliam found himself back in North Central Arkansas he was new to the insurance business and to Clinton. Mr. Gilliam, originally from Paragould, studied at Arkansas State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in agricultural education. Mr. Gilliam taught high school at Ba, Arkansas from 1961 to 1963 and joined the Army in the early winter of 1967. In the Army he found himself stationed abroad with one tour in Vietnam and one tour in Greece and the remaining time stationed state side.

Mr. Gilliam would serve in the Army until the fall of 1986. While in the service Mr. Gilliam would utilizes his surroundings at his different deployments. While stationed at South Carolina State University to teach ROTC Reserve Officers’ Training Corps he took advantage of being on the campus of higher learning and used his free time to gain a masters degree in counseling in 1973. Mr. Gilliam would finish his military career as a Professor of Military Science at the University of Central Arkansas introducing him North Central Arkansas.

After Mr. Gilliam’s service to our country was complete he spent a year in Memphis teaching ROTC but found himself missing the area he had come to know as home and moved back to this area and started his new life as an insurance agent.

Shelter Insurance located at 1683 Highway 65 S is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. They offer a wide array of insurance that is sure to service all your insurance needs. Shelter offers coverage from auto, home, life, renters, personal articles, business, ATV, boat, motorcycle, RV, to farm Insurance. With user friendly hours and great customer service look to Shelter Insurance and Mr. Gilliam for you next insurance quote.

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