Our local Super 8 Motel location has been serving residents as well as travelers since 1995 and patrons nationwide for over forty-six years. Super 8 Motels as a company started out modest but has now become part of the Wyndham Hotels and Resorts providing numerous benefits while currently being voted number one in traveler’s rewards. Super 8 Motel began as a marketing association for individually owned hotels that were already in business and was started by Dennis Brown in 1972. After one year as a marketing association Dennis Brown canceled the association and partnered with Ron Rivett to create Super 8 Motel Corporation. The original room rate was $8.88, hence the numeric brand name. The first Super 8 was opened in Aberdeen, South Dakota in 1974 with the first franchise being sold two years later. By 1978 you could find a Super 8 from Washington State to New York and by the turn of the millennium there were over 2,000 motels worldwide.

Super 8 is happy to help you with your next event lodging, out of town guest, or the house guest you need a break from if only for the weekend. You can make your reservation today by stopping by 2008 Highway 65 South or you can call them at 501-745-8810 They offer guests standard amenities, including a continental breakfast, wireless Internet access, hair dryers, coffee makers, microwaves, refrigerators, commercial big truck parking, outdoor pool, meeting room and a lobby area. Super 8 is conveniently located on Highway 65 and they have 44 units and over 17,000 square feet to serve you.

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