K9 Terry

Clinton Police K9 officer Terry. The officer’s retirement has been announced by the department.

CLINTON — In a Sept. 3 statement, Clinton Police announced the upcoming retirement of its K9 officer Terry from active duty. Per the statement, “This retirement is due to health issues that affect his ability to perform his duty comfortably and safely as a police K9.”

Terry had served with the department since 2019, having begun as a K9 officer in 2017.

Per the statement: “K9 Terry started his career with the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office in September 2017. He then transferred to the Clinton Police Department and was partnered with Officer Josh Patterson in March of 2019. While working for the Clinton Police Department. K9 Terry was dual certified as Narcotic Detection Dog and a Patrol Service Dog. During his career Terry received 146 training hours certified by the Arkansas Commission of Law Enforcement Standards and Training. During his time at the Clinton Police Department, he completed 2,600 hours of in-service training with Officer Patterson.”

A review of police reports and court records show Terry was fundamental in multiple arrests in the county.

From the report: “According to Officer Patterson’s records, K9 Terry assisted in the seizure of approximately $77,000 in controlled substances and two firearms. He also participated in six human tracking operations resulting in the arrest of six wanted felons, along with personally apprehending one of them [felons] himself.”

Patterson will keep the dog after its retirement, its service with the department being a fond memory.

“Terry will be kept by his handler Officer Patterson to enjoy the retirement that he earned through his service to the City of Clinton. While being the smallest officer of the Clinton Police Department he had one of the biggest personalities here. His presence at the Clinton Police Department will be missed.”

An account has been established at the Stone County Veterinary Clinic for donations for any medical issues during the K9 officer’s retirement years. Donations may be made to the clinic, or the Clinton Police Department.

City of Clinton Police Chief Jay Murdock said the department was in the process of re-evaluating prior to making a decision about bringing in a replacement K9 officer.

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