Arkansas PBS invites passionate, enthusiastic community members to join the newly created Arkansas PBS Advisors and Insiders program. This group of subject matter experts and superfans will help inform and guide local programs, engagement and initiatives in areas such as education, arts, outdoors/nature, public affairs, agriculture, health, history/culture, food, veterans, sports and social issues. Arkansans interested in having a voice in Arkansas’s only statewide public media can apply for the program or nominate someone at

“In the spirit of public media, this forum was created as a listening tool to involve communities and topical experts in the creative process when considering new content and initiatives,” Arkansas PBS Executive Director and CEO Courtney Pledger said. “Audience feedback and input is a key ingredient to making quality educational and entertaining content that Arkansans need and want.”

Additional information and applications are available at Members will be chosen as space allows and as topics expand and may be placed on a wait list for projects that best fit their expertise and interests. Once accepted to the program, each Insider and Advisor will receive a rep kit and subscription to the monthly Arkansas PBS Magazine.

Superfans should apply to be Arkansas PBS Insiders who will be granted access to monthly virtual meetings where they will be among the first to see sneak previews for upcoming programs and events, learn about upcoming priorities and share engagement ideas with key network staff. Insiders will share Arkansas PBS news and priority projects, offering suggestions for community engagement in their regions and providing outreach support for projects and programs important to their respective areas.

Arkansas PBS Advisors will help inform and guide local programs, engagement and initiatives. Each month, a select group of Advisors will be asked to attend a virtual meeting based on their area of expertise. They will learn about shows and program ideas and be asked to offer thoughts, suggestions and feedback on upcoming programming. Advisors will develop a personal relationship with key staff and will also be able to share Arkansas PBS priority projects with their communities, offer suggestions for community engagement in their regions, and provide outreach support to their respective areas.

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