Per the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement, effective Monday, Oct. 12, Van Buren County is beginning to show a statistical increase in COVID-19 cases after several weeks showing a lowering. The regional average continues to rise as it has throughout recent weeks.

Currently the infection rate per 10,000 people remains less than one per 10,000 at .75. In the North Central Arkansas survey district, which includes Van Buren County, the current rate is 2.49 per 10,000. Last week the numbers were .48 and 2.10, respectively.

Using just Clinton as a survey area shows a stable rate compared to previous weeks, with currently 0-9 infections per 10,000, same as last week. Shirley remains consistent at 0-9 infections per 10,000, as does Fairfield Bay. Damascus, however, shows an increase, moving to 20-29 infections per 10,000, this after several weeks at 0-9 and an Aug. 31 peak of 10-19 per 10,000.

The Clinton School District remains at 0-9 per at Monday’s measure. The Shirley School District also maintains this measure of 0-9 cases per 10,000, the lowest measurement scale.

Van Buren County, per the Department of Health, has 9 active cases, 7 confirmed and 2 probable, out of a total of 188 cases against a total recovery of 176 cases and 3 deaths. The number of total cases is actually lower than last week’s 178 cases, as can occur when backtracing “moves” cases to other counties.

Last week Van Buren County had 7 active cases, still with 3 deaths.

Arkansas has 93,487 cases, up from 87,013 last week. To date 84,055 recoveries are shown, up from 78,358 the week prior.

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