Wednesdays are Prayer Night at the Crabtree Foursquare Church. Praying begins at 6 p.m. Everyone is invited.

The New Moon is official Friday at 2:31 p.m. and will trigger large tides around the world.

Monday, early voting for the general election begins in the county. If you would like to check your registration and see a sample ballot go to

Next Wednesday, between midnight and dawn, is the peak of the Orionids meteor shower, with 10 to 20 per hour expected. The moon sets early making it a good night for viewing, if you have a dark location. If you miss that night, the show continues into November as the earth moves through the remainder of the debris field left behind by the passing of Halley’s Comet.

Next Wednesday, the Bookmobile’s stops in Tilly and Zion Hill are cancelled.

The Alread Fall Festival and Trunk or Treat is on the calendar for October 31.

The season finale for RallyX auto racing in Crabtree has been set for November 14. Racers can register at, or visit their Facebook page.

Don’t forget to keep watering the fall garden. Your plants will pull through the first few frosts better that way.

The fall color change is advancing as leaf drop begins to accelerate. Looks like it could be a particularly colorful autumn this year. Make plans to get out and enjoy it.

If you have info about the greater Crabtree and west Hwy. 16 community, call or text Jeff Burgess, 745-1249.

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