Finger prints result in weapons charge

(booking photo)Henson

CLINTON — A call about a parked truck led to a Clinton man being charged with felon in possession of a firearm in a Dec. 28 incident.

Arrested was Christopher Henson, 44, of Clinton, charges include felon in possession of a firearm and interfering with a wildlife officer.

In the incident report, filed with online court documents, a Game and Fish officer was called after property owners spotted a pickup truck parked on their land. A license plate number was given, which returned to Henson.

The Game and Fish officer, in his report, stated he asked a Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office deputy to check on the matter as it was going to take the Game and Fish officer a while to reach the location. The deputy did so, the report continued, blowing his horn when he pulled up to where the truck was parked.

Two men came out of the woods, one of whom was Henson.

Henson, per the report, told the deputy he and the other man, his son, were hunting on the property, and they had gotten permission to do so from the property owner. By now the Game and Fish officer arrived and continued the conversation with Henson.

Henson, to the officer’s request, produced a hunting license. He told the officer, also to a question, that he had never been in trouble with the law.

A radio call to the sheriff’s office put this claim in dispute, however. The report stated that when Henson’s ID was run it was “flagged as also Christopher Joseph Lee whom is a felon.” The report continued that Lee had changed his name in December 1996.

Henson, per the report, said he was not Lee.

The officer gained ID photos of Lee and “it appeared to be the same person, the report stated. Henson/Lee was taken to the sheriff’s office and finger printed.

After being finger printed he was released due to the time it would take to get the finger print results back.

The report concluded that the sheriff’s office was later told that “Mr. Christopher Josephy Henson is indeed Mr. Christopher Joseph Lee.”

A warrant was issued Jan. 3 and Henson was arrested.

County online record show Henson posted a $7,500 bond and is free, pending trial.

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