DeLane Story has company this week. Her son, David of Rocky Mount, Virginia, came for a week long visit. I know she was glad that he came.

Ann Mann went to Morrilton last Tuesday, then on to Conway and wound up in Greenbrier where she found a day lounge that she has been looking to find for a good long while.

She started water aerobics at the heart center in Fairfield Bay on Wednesday.

We made it to Sammie’s to play Skipbo this week. Sammie and Donna tried to skunk Ann and I, but we thwarted that plan.

Ann went to the new Mexican restaurant, Los Locos, to have lunch today. It sure has tasty food.

Marva Ward had a birthday on Jan. 19. Her sister, Sue Stamper, came for a visit and they had lunch together.

On Friday, Marva and R G, Sindee and David Morse and John and Teresa Ward all went to the Catfish Barn at Quitman to celebrate her big day. She turned 81 on Thursday, so happy birthday again Marva.

Donna and Richard Sherrod went to Little Rock to his doctor on Wednesday. They are waiting for the test results.

Richard turned 78 on Sunday, so a big happy birthday to him.

I went with Margie Beckham to Marshall on Wednesday. She had a dental appointment. We made it back to Clinton in time to have lunch at the Senior Center. We had a good meal.

That’s all I can come up with for this week, so take care of yourselves and try to put a smile on someone’s face today.

God bless and have a great week.

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