In its first 11 weeks of being open, Harvest dispensary in Conway sold nearly 262 pounds of medical marijuana, according to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

Harvest opened at 1200 Thomas G. Wilson Drive on Oct. 11.

In nearby Van Buren County, Arkansas Natural Products, which opened on June 20, had sold nearly 197 pounds as of Friday.

The DFA said that statewide sales exceeded $28 million with more than 4,200 pounds of medical marijuana in its inaugural year.

There were 32,897 approved medical marijuana ID cards issued as of Friday.

“Use of marijuana under circumstances outside the limits of the amendment is still illegal in Arkansas,” DFA officials said.

The DFA provided sales totals as of Friday at dispensaries throughout the state. The sales totals were:

• 234.27 pounds of medical marijuana at Suite 443  in Hot Springs, which opened May 10.

• 1,029.12 pounds at Green Springs Medical in Hot Springs, which opened May 12.

• 196.53 pounds at Arkansas Natural Products in Clinton.

• 224.58 pounds at Greenlight Dispensary in Helena-West Helena, which opened June 27.

• 476.02 pounds at Native Green Wellness in Hensley, which opened July 2.

• 396.98 pounds at Fiddler’s Green in Mountain View, which opened July 11.

• 502.88 pounds at The Releaf Center in Bentonville, which opened Aug. 7.

• 385.68 pounds at The Source in Bentonville, which opened Aug. 15.

• 384.2 pounds at Acanza in Fayetteville, which opened Sept. 14.

• 261.56 pounds at Harvest in Conway.

• 55.3 pounds at Purspirit Cannabis in Fayetteville, which opened Nov. 20.

• 38.95 pounds at NEA Full Spectrum in Brookland, which opened Dec. 9.

• 7.69 pounds at 420 Dispensary in Russellville, which opened Dec. 17.

• 15.7 pounds at Fort Cannabis in Fort Smith, which opened Dec. 18.

As of Friday, 14 of 32 licensed retailers were open. Two dispensaries in Texarkana, Red River Remedy and Bloom Medicinals, have received their final approval and are set to open soon.

Anyone with questions about Registry Identification Cards for qualifying patients and designated caregivers are directed to the Arkansas Department of Health at or 501-661-2367.

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