Mrs. Sarah Vernon’s class

Dear Santa, How are you and your famly doing at the North Pole? I hope you are doing good? You and your elfs make a great team. May I pleas have a 3ds, pokemon sword, new close, ultra sun for the 3ds, omega ruby, Luigis manshin 3, and a pokeball? Thank you Santa. I have bin so so good this year. I will leave you some cookies and some milk. I hope you bring me what I want and I hope you and Hide are good.

Love, Ashton

Dear Santa, My elf is being vere good. She is helpful. Can I plese ride your slae? I am going to giv you my cookes. You are the best! Can you bring me scrufulove, cat shete, a toy draff, a toy car that drives, pinsol, and a tablit?

Love, Paisley

Dear Santa, I wont to ask you Santa, is Rudolph going to gide your slay to Nite? Can you please bring me a new bike, a new basketball hoop, a exbox with 2 cenchroles, a new Mareoe cart rameboe rode, slot cars, and a track? I am going to have hot choklit and cookies for you and cande canes for the reindeer.

Love, Mason

Dear Santa, I love to see Santa and his reindeer but I just love you. Can you bring me sum hedfons? I want a tevy. Can you bring me a big chruck? I will be clening my bedrum. I will get you sum cookes for you.

Love, Easton

Dear Santa, I have been good today. Why do you live at the North pole? I wood like a Frozen 2 diyry, a barbie set, a coloring set, and a activdy set. I’ll bake you some cookies for you and I will give you some reindeer food for Rudolph and some milk for you.

Love, Makenzie

Dear Santa, I love Rudoph the red nose and all of the ranedeer. Plese can you bring me new binoculars, x box, benlo woch, ninju woch, pokemon cards, ninju stuff, spie stuff, slime cit, pickuchoo 9,000, pop sock it, sciens cit, and a crepor woch. Plese Santa. There wil be sum presens for you and the ranedir sum lasr guns.

Love your friend, Stavin

Dear Santa, I will like when you go to kids home and you always leve sum gifs udr our Christmas tree. Thanks Santa! Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! Can you please bring me slime, playdow, a fluffy book to rite on, I phone x, culr pisoll, gluw, cande, pupy, tablit, and a bord to rite on it?

Your friend, Esmeralda

Dear Parents, How is the North pole doing? Is Rudolph there? May I have a Calender, Alphabet bord, chair, and a Ten on the Sled book? I’ll get some cookies, milk, and carits for the reindeer.

Love, Alyssa

Dear Santa, Can you plees bring me a purple stof dolphin, a hart sliem, and sum grlle shos. I will see you agene. Do you want sum cookes and sum cande?

Love, Janet

Dear Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and the elves, How are you? I riley want the unicorn but it is my toy. Ples Santa Claus. I want you to have a grate day for you Santa Claus. You are nise. I will giv you some cookies to you cuz you are nise to kids. I rile like you Santa.

Love, Haven

Dear Santa, Are your elves doing well? And are your reindeer doing well to? And are you to? Can you plese bring me a phone, a Batman blanket, a Flash basketball, and a Flash jacket, and Batman shoss? I will leve cookes for you and sum cerits for your reindeer.

Love, Davis

Dear Santa, I love you Santa becas you bring prsents that we love. Is Rudolph doing good and you to? Can you please bring me a new bike, lol doll, soccer ball, and a maershmellow peguen toy? I’ll clean my room when I get home!

Your friend, Pearl

Dear Santa, How are you doing Santa? And how are the elves doing? Please bring me some nike boots please? Did aney reindeers get sick? I am going to clean my home for you.

Your friend, John

Dear Santa, I hope you have a grate time at the north pole. Can you plese get me rc truck 4x4, rc simi, rc razer, x box 1, and a zombe game, and 2 inchrolers for me and Bobe Joe, and a rc traler truck. I will put choclit cookies for you.

Your friend, Tucker


Mrs. Hendrix’s class

Dear Santa, Santa I love you. For chrismis I would like a toy camra. My wish for my family is to have a grale chrismis. Love Alissa.


Dear Santa, I hope you and your elves and your raindeers are doing well! I want an I phone II and an new tablet. I wish you a merry christmas My wish for my family is to betogether! Merry christmas ? SoPhiya


Dear Santa, I love you. I would like big pokemon cards and a pokemon bedset. my wish for my family is merry christmas, mason


Dear Santa, we hope you are doing fing. For Christmas I would like a toy sonic. My wish for it is sowing. Merry Christmas, Braulio


Dear Santa, I hope mrs clas is doing well. For crismas I would like one green slime my wish for my family is my mom and dad to be happy for ever. I love you Merry crismus, Elizabeth


Dear Santa, Santa I hope the rander are dooeng good is it oK if you Kum to my hawse so I can Look at roodoph and I wod Lice for a scoodr and some tee shrts my wish for my famlee is I hop they hav a mareecrismis Love Matthew


Dear Santa, How are you doing. For christmas I woud like a craridge and a fone and lots of toys and lots of candde. Merry Christmas, Adley


Dear Santa, I hope you have a very merry christmas. For christmas I would like a red phone. My wish for my family is for them to have a merry christmas. Happy Holiday! Kenna


Dear Santa, I wunt a camru macuP and a dall. Merry christmas. Jaqulynn


Dear Santa, I hope Roudoph is doing good. For Christmas I would like a drone with a camru and a grafling houk on it. My wish for my family is to get a family game calld bug’s in the kichen. Merry Christmas, Ella


Dear Santa, Dear Santa I hope you are doing well. For christmas I would like prezit my wish f my family is a fishingpole. Merry christmas to Elias


Dear Santa, for christmas I will lic a bic is haw are you Merry Eliezer


Dear Santa, How are yro elves Well For chritsmas I would like mostrtruck. My wigh for my family is. Merry Christmas Benito


Dear Santa, How ara you I wut a mosruck and a pladog and shpu and kednr. Merry Christmas Jolene! 

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