Miller’s Sanitation has been serving Clinton and Van Buren County since 1979. The Miller’s began their sanitation business when John Miller purchased a small waste management business from a local Clinton man Luke Holley. Mr. Holley had a modest business at the time, running a 10 yard truck and had approximately 100 customers when John Miller took control of the business. John had been previously employed erecting towers for geographical surveys which had led him all over the nation. So when Mr. Miller was able to settle in one place and being no stranger to hard work he was able to grow his new venture over ten times in the following forty years.

Speaking with Jim Miller owner of Miller’s Sanitation since 2009 one would be surprised to see the changes that have taken place in their field of expertise. Jim recalled ridding on the back of the trash truck as a youth and how he didn’t look forward to snow days or any day school was out because he knew that only meant his responsibilities had changed from the classroom to the family business.

Mr. Miller recalls the old land field that was located behind the meat processing plant north of Clinton on Highway 65 and how that was where they hauled the waste from the Downtown Flood of 1982. Miller states that originally the local merchants started flood sales but those sales were short lived due to the area being declared a national disaster. Being declared a natural disaster meant that all flood damaged items had to be thrown away whether they were found to have value or not. The land field north of town not having any scales to weigh loads provided economic benefit during the flood cleanup due to the water and mud soaked waste had taken on a considerable amount of extra weight but as a young man Jim found little solace in this fact. The land field north of town on Highway 65 stayed in operation until 1994 when the County opened the transfer station located on Volunteers Road. This move was brought on by EPA regulations and the phasing out of independent underground land fields.

Miller’s Sanitation now located off Highway 65B in the North-side Shopping Center is dedicated to providing hometown service with a personal touch. Services include weekly, biweekly, and monthly trash pickup and dumpster rental. With multiple trucks running routes, over the phone payments, and credit and debit card payments accepted. Miller’s is here to serve all your sanitation needs and you can contact them at 501-745-4458.

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