A high-speed chase and a K9 search resulted in the arrest of a Damascus man on multiple charges early Monday morning by Van Buren County Sheriff’s deputies.

Arrested was James W. Moss, 32, of Damascus, charged with drug and drug paraphernalia possession, fleeing, reckless driving and driving under the influence of drugs, failure to dim headlights, driving on a suspended license and related charges, 11 in total.

Per the report, a deputy was on patrol at 25 minutes after midnight at County Line Road when a car coming from Conway County on Highway 9 West sped past him. The car’s license plate light was out, and the officer moved to pull the car over.

The car passed a second deputy, who reported it would not dim its headlights.

A few minutes later the reporting deputy, behind the car, turned on his blue lights to pull the car over. The car instead sped up to approximately 75 mph, per the report, then turned off Highway 9 onto Highway 336 West. As the car continued down 336 the deputy reported it crossed the center line several times, continuing at high speed toward Grassy Hollow Road.

The car, the deputy in pursuit, reached Grassy Hollow Road and made a hard right onto it, almost collecting the deputy while doing so. The deputy was able to swerve and avoid the near-collision. After a distance down the road, the pursuit more difficult by dust being kicked up, the deputy came up on the car stopped in the road with its driver’s side door open.

The officer got out to check and spotted someone in the passenger seat. The officer had the person put their hands up and waited for the second deputy to arrive. When that deputy did so the officers got the person out of the passenger seat, a woman.

She, once in handcuffs, told deputies the man driving, Moss, had run into the field adjacent to where the car had stopped. She told the officer she asked Moss to stop several times, but he would not. The officer called for K9 support.

The car was searched an a machete was found “... between the console and seat that Mr. Moss had used in a prior incident,” the report stated. The car was towed.

The K9 officer arrived and a search was conducted. Moss was found roughly 400 yards from where the car had stopped “and was taken into custody without further incident,” the report stated. Near where Moss was found a small clear plastic bag with a white crystalline substance was found, believed to be methamphetamine.

Moss was initially taken to the hospital for evaluation due to concern that he had swallowed some drugs. After evaluation he was taken to jail, per the report.

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