As we celebrate Father’s Day and remember all of our earthly Fathers that have impacted our lives so much, please remember your Heavenly Father who is a father to the fatherless. Today we will look at three stories in the Bible and see how we can move forward as Fathers during this difficult season we are in.

In Deuteronomy 1: 26-33 we see the children of Israel complaining to God and fearful for the next step to get to the promised land. God responds by encouraging them that he has always been there for them to lead them, and he carried them as a Father carries his Son. I can look back in my own life and see those two sets of footprints in the sand and realize that He has carried me time and again! If we look at Noah, we not only see the great faith to build the Ark, but we see that he was human and had his shortcomings as well. One night he got drunk and passed out. Canaan saw him passed out and naked and went and told his brothers. When Noah woke up and found out what had happened, Noah cursed Canaan. Noah’s actions affected not only himself but Canaan and future generations to come. What we say and do as Father’s not only affect us but they are FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.

A story is told of how raccoons that are pets almost always turn on their owners eventually, but one lady didn’t believe that would happen to her. After reconstructive surgery for facial lacerations from the attack, she realized that she had let her guard down. She even thought it would be different for her. In life, we think sin may affect other people, but it will be different for us. Sin always leads to death as the Bible states, so what makes us think we can be the exception to this rule. The only way to overcome sin is by the blood of Jesus that was shed on the cross. As Father’s we know that little ones are following us, so we better be leading them straight to the cross.

Now that we know that what we do affects those that are coming behind us, we have to have the GO CHECK AGAIN FAITH. Elijah in 1st Kings Chapter 18 believed it was going to rain after a drought had been going on for several years. He asked his helper to see if he could see any rain. The helper came back each time saying he saw nothing. Elijah kept asking him to go check again and finally he saw a cloud the size of a man’s hand. Elijah then spoke in faith and told the helper to get on the move before the rain stopped him. In other words, God said it was going to rain, so it didn’t matter if there was a cloud in the sky, Elijah kept saying go check again as he knew it would come to pass.

We need Fathers that will believe for the impossible and leave a legacy of faith for future generations. The story is told of a coach for a high school basketball team that told the team in their first practice of the year to shoot baskets from where they think they will make them in the game. One boy sit on the bench and shot from there. Although it made his teammates laugh, his mindset was that he was not going to get in the game. In life, God has not created us to sit on the bench, but to get in the game and make a difference in our children’s lives each and every day. Toby Mac said it best when he said, “faith is not hoping that He can, but it is knowing that He will!”

Finally, we have to LOVE WITHOUT LIMITS. When the prodigal son in Luke Chapter 15 came back to the father’s house, he had this speech prepared to apologize. The interesting thing is that the Father didn’t hear a word of it, he just kept loving on him and was so glad he was home. He saw him, was filled with compassion, ran to meet him and hugged and kissed him. He also put a ring on his finger, shoes on his feet and had a feast. Jesus told this story to illustrate how we are to love as Fathers, but also to show us how the Heavenly Father loves us. Even Jesus, knowing Judas would betray him, still ate with him, prayed with him and even washed his feet. What a reminder to love without limits.

In closing I think about a video I watched recently where a boy could not break a board in class for his Taekwondo practice. The instructor called the Father of the boy and asked the Father to do push-ups with the boy on his back. As the Father got tired, he started tapping his arms to sting them. He then gave an inspirational story of how fatherhood is like this. Our children are literally being carried on our backs and we have to realize they are relying on us daily. Also it’s a great reminder that our Heavenly Father carries us on his back as Jesus carried his cross on his back for all of us. We cannot change the past, but we can all be Fathers Moving Forward from this day on!

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Rocky Thomas is Pastor, Botkinburg Foursquare Church

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