Quorum Court

David Pasterniak, of Shirley, presents to the Quorum Court at its Aug. 26 meeting. His presentation began with handing a copy of the Constitution to each court member.

CLINTON — A routine meeting for Van Buren County Quorum Court Aug. 26, as justices reviewed, and approved, funding allocations to a number of departments. The court also heard regarding the nature of American government.

Funding included relatively routine issues, including the transfer of $1,171.62 from the county clerk’s general fund to the recorder’s cost fund, this to straighten an accounting error. Then American Rescue Plan funds were assigned to the library, at $13,952.

Notable was the transfer of $130,000 to the roads fund due to, justices were told, an increase in severance tax – the tax on gas well assessment. This revenue can only be used for the road fund. An additional up-tick was adding $20,000 to the maintenance budget, followed by an ordinance reflecting an additional $110,000 into the solid waste budget.

Van Buren County Judge Dale James told the court solid waste has been “…. growing and growing and growing” with as much as 95 tons being dropped in one day in the past month. From that an additional $695.73 into the county road budget from solid waste.

Justices also heard that the county had completed its federal audit without any issues being found.

Justices also heard a presentation from David Pasterniak, of Shirley, regarding “The Constitution, the Bill or Rights and the Declaration of Independence.”

Pasterniak explained that due to an action in the 1700s, America is under “Maritime Law,” reflected by the gold fringe around the American flag. His argument reflected the assertions of the sovereign citizen movement, itself based in an understanding of common law.

Pasterniak said he intended to be more involved in local government.

In the county road report, James listed chip and seal/overlay work being completed on Sequioah Ranch Road, “... one of the first roads within the county to receive a chip/seal surface.” Rumley Road, Banner Mountain at Nixon Hill, Oak Tree and Crowell Mountain Roads are scheduled for work soon.

Delays in road work is coming from delays in acquiring parts for repairs, reflecting the international trend of a slowing supply chain, the road report stated.

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