A complex series of events ended with an 18 year old Clinton man in jail after his 17 year old girlfriend ran away.

Arrested was Alexander Dalton Gaddy, 18, of Clinton, charged with Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor, Breaking or Entering and Hindering Apprehension.

According to the sheriff’s deputy’s report on the incident, the deputy was called out Feb. 7 after the girl’s mother called 911 to report her daughter had run away, but she knew where the young lady was staying.

(As a juvenile, the 17 year old’s name will not be used in reporting this incident.)

The officer arrived at the mother’s home, and was given an address. There he met the young lady, along with her boyfriend, Gaddy. The young lady told the officer she did not want to return home, that she was fearful of her mother’s boyfriend, telling the officer the man had raped her in the past.

The officer told the woman, per the report “She couldn’t just run away” and told Gaddy “that if he helped her he would probably end up in jail for doing so.”

Gaddy, per the report, told the officer he knew his going to jail was a possibility.

The officer indicated in his report he was familiar with the situation with the young lady from an earlier investigation and that “this would be an incident for Faulkner County,” but, in the following paragraph “I could not in good intentions send the Juvenile back to the residence knowing that information,” referring to the assault assertion.

The officer was told the next day, Feb. 8, the young lady was taken into custody of DHS “then later ran away from their custody.”

That evening the officer and others searched the area around the home where the young lady and Gaddy were met earlier after the homeowner there reported hearing the young lady in the woods behind the home.

The search was unsuccessful and the pair were not found.

Three days later, per the report, on Feb. 11 Clinton Police were told, and passed on to the investigating deputy, that the young lady was back in DHS custody. Gaddy was there with her and was arrested by the deputy, joined by a Clinton officer.

At the Detention Center, Gaddy agreed to speak with officers. Gaddy said he and the young lady escaped into the woods behind the house because the young lady “… didn’t want to go into foster care.”

Gaddy, per the report, admitted that what he did was wrong.

Gaddy told police the pair, evading police found a church to hide in, one of its doors “partially unlocked,” he told officers.

They spent the night in the church, but when they went to leave the next morning they found they had locked themselves in. The young lady began to make food using supplies she found there at the church, “… and that’s how people with the church found them.”

The church is not mentioned in the report.

Sources report the pastor of the church did not want to press charges against the pair, hence the church’s name not being in the report. The pastor spoke with the pair, the source states, and persuaded them to turn themselves in, which they did.

The young lady remains in DHS custody, the report concludes.

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