CLINTON — A bomb threat, emailed to a Clinton business, was recorded as a scam in an April 24 Clinton Police Department report.

Per the report, a business owner arrived that morning to open up his business and was checking his email.

In the inbox was an email from “Maya Robert Ovadia” which stated an “explosive device” was in the business-owner’s building.

The device was “small and unseen” and could “bring down the whole building structure,” followed by “My Hitman keeps the area under control.”

If, the email continued, the business man did not forward $10,000 in bitcoin the bomb would be set off.

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency allowing financial transactions outside of banks or intermediarys.

A 33-figure bitcoin “wallet” address was given, along with a statement giving the business owner 30 hours to comply with the request.

“To stay anonymous I will no longer visit this email. I will be monitoring my Bitcoin wallet every forty min and after receiving the finds I will order my Hitman to disarm the device,” the email stated.

In reporting the email to police, the business owner said he and his employees had checked in and around the building, but nothing suspicious was found.

From the police report: “When I arrived back at the police department I looked and this was a internet scam that had been used pretty heavily approximately two years ago. I located a report from another department that had almost the exact same wording as what was sent to [the business owner] in his email.”

The information was forwarded to the Internet Crime Information Center, the report concluded.

The business remains standing.

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